Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slice animation in plain JavaScript, minus data-uri

I made a slightly more dynamic version of Joonas Lehtinen's Slice animation in plain JavaScript.
Joonas' example creates a 3d animation by using data-uris to embed 1px wide image slices in html. It's a fun animation example and an interesting use of data-uris, but data-uris are a bit of a pain to encode (though you could of course automate the process server-side). I wanted to see if I could keep the fun part while making the script a little more dynamic by getting rid of the need to encode data-uris.

The resulting example animates any image, in the browser (no server needed), using plain javascript (only the initialization is changed, the animation code is basically unmodified).

Try it »

I have yet to find a use for this, other than checking how quickly your browser (and computer) slows down when you feed it a bigger image - but I find it interesting nonetheless.

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