Thursday, March 20, 2008

Press Play on Test with IT Mill TestingTools

Testing ajax and RIA UIs can be a major pita annoyance, and manual testing is often required. IT Mill TestingTools was released yesterday, and though it does not make all Test Engineers obsolete in one swift blow, it hopefully eases UI testing significantly, leading to more testing and better quality. RIA testing is now point-click-save-run, or as the TestingTools slogan puts it: "Press Play on Test".
I've been working on TestingTools (as well as the IT Mill Toolkit), and thought I'd make a quick video, showing the basic functionality that's great for Joe Tester and me:

(excuse the bad quality on youtube, I'll see if I can put the full-sized swf somewhere soon...)
Update: it wasn't too hard to get the my recording hosted at IT Mill - it's even featured as a quick tour. Watch the full-size version.

No programming skills required, no more waitForCondition scripting - the boss can do it too.
And it's quick enough to be useful for programmers like me; I can record my own tests to make sure my changes to do not break HelloWorld - so quickly and easily my attention span can actually handle it. (TT replays tests as quickly as possible, as you can see in the video)
But perhaps the biggest potential benefit is for all those projects that do not have the means or will to set up real testing.
A testing tool for non-testers, if you will.

IT Mill TestingTools does not replace all other testing tools - you'll probably still want to use your favorite unit-tests, performance- and profiling tools for your server-side stuff (we do). But I do think it fills a gap in the toolchain, and hopefully the end result will be more testing and better quality.

A final note: Although TestingTools is especially good for testing IT Mill Toolkit applications (it knows about the components, and is able to wait for ajaxy tasks to complete), you can actually test other sites as well. For security reasons, you must first enable testing in the application/site, mainly to get around browser domain restrictions (no, sorry, you can't test with the online demo) .

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